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Brand Update
This is a client had an existing logo she liked but didn't have accompanying brand elements. I updated the logo to ensure it was balanced, added brand fonts and graphic elements so she could start creating her own social media posts. 

My Role
I worked directly with the client to update her logo and create a brand complete with a colour pallet and graphic elements that worked well with her existing imagery. 

Visual Design Styles

Graphic Design Deliverables
Social Media Templates
Logo Update
Graphic Elements
Colour Board
Brand Guide
I spoke with the client and assessed what her brand needed to reach her goals. I used a grid to add balance to her existing logo and created mood-board samples to help finalize her brand. All brand assets were supplied to the client so she could use them to create her own content. 
Logo Update
Balancing the Logo
Original Logo
Using a grid to balance the logo     |     Revised Logo
Brand Boards
Three samples to get started
Sample one
Sample two
Sample three
Finalizing the Brand
Revised Brand Board
Final Brand Board
Instagram Account

All graphic elements were supplied to the client and added into her
Canva account so she could create her own content.
Brand Guidelines
A Summary of the Brand
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